We recognize the need for those who are looking at enriching their knowledge in the form of study and educational tours. By being involved in our Tanzania Safari Educational Tour, students will not only concentrate on wildlife, but will have the chance to view one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world.

We organize high school and university trips with guided walking adventures in Tanzania’s Northern Circuit Route in areas such as the Ngorongoro Conservation Area as well as smaller parks such as Lake Manyara and Arusha National Parks. Others are the famous Serengeti Plains with its gigantic animal migration, and Tarangire National Park, which is famous for its hundreds of elephants and clear sightings of giraffes, zebras and gazelles.

Other student tour activities include visits to prehistoric sites, bird watching, and cultural visits. A visit to the nearby island of Zanzibar can include Tanzania’s Heritage sites like the former Slave Market, the red colobus monkeys (which live only in the Jozani Forest of Zanzibar) or a spice tour to learn about the spices grown on the Island, which gave Zanzibar and its neighboring islands the name Spice Islands.

Wildlife walks and game drives are structured by teachers and guides to maximize educational benefits, but also to allow time to relax, play games and engage in youthful fun.
Planning a High School or University Study Tour
With consideration of the students’ curriculum, we plan the school trip with your college or undergraduate years in mind. The broader you can keep the range of subjects of your field trip, the more likely you will hold the students’ attention. These may include ethnic cultures, climate, ecology, geology, archeology, ornithology, anthropology, zoology , botany and more, you will enhance the depth and breath of your Tanzanian experience.

Wildlife viewing
Read about the national parks of Tanzania and what they offer. This is the flagship of student tour trips for schools, and there is a lot of field science that students can learn by being on safari. However, watching elephants, giraffes or lions may not leave the students any wiser academically, unless they have an experienced person with them who can equip them with the knowledge to make their encounters meaningful.

We at Elevate Trekking & Safaris can provide your students with both the experiences and knowledge to meet their needs.