Nkungwe Luxury Tented Camp, sometimes known as Kungwe, is our second choice lodge in Mahale Mountain National Park after the famous Mahale Greystoke just next door; but we like Nkungwe Luxury Tented Camp for its simplicity, location on the shore of Lake Tanganyika and value. The main attraction of Mahale is the chimpanzees in the hills and clients visit the same clan of chimps as the Greystoke guests, although they stagger the visit times.  When you actually arrive at the Mahale airstrip you will then need to take the boat down the lake to arrive at the lodge. There are no roads or vehicles inside the national park.

Nkungwe Luxury Tented Camp – The Facts
Located in the Mahale National Park in western Tanzania this lodge is best accessed by lodge arranged charter flights from Arusha on a Tuesday and Thursday.  It is also possible to fly here from the south of Tanzania from Ruaha.  A trip to Mahale works well if you combine with Katavi which is another remote park in the south west of Tanzania to make a fantastic Tanzania safari.
The main area of the lodge is set back on the beach raised on wooden decking with a large Makuti thatched roof with views onto the lake.  The feel of the lodge is not over the top but very clean and comfortable and offers great food – lots of fresh fish from the lake!

In our famous jungle-chic lodge by a gin-clear lake, we live and breathe chimpanzees.

Come on a legendary journey to meet the most privileged primates on the planet: the wild chimpanzees of Mahale – and us, the trackers, guides and helpers who share their leafy Nirvana. In the forest’s dappled sunlight, chimpanzees romp and commune around us. At the lakeshore, on a white beach, Greystoke opens its shaggy arms, hewn from vintage dhows, proffering yet another level of pleasure to all our intrepid guests.

Our main quest is always on foot to a wild living group of chimpanzees, whose complex social and political maneuverings are played out within a few feet of us. Their behavior is interpreted by their greatest fans, our team of chimpanzee experts who can recognize each individual and the significance of every action.